Toonia Colorbook on your Windows device

Kids all over the world absolutely love our coloring app Toonia Colorbook. Actually not only kids but people of all ages. I want to share a piece of our latest review with you. It begins like this “I downloaded this to keep my 3 year old busy and ended up playing it myself for a while.” There is nothing wrong with playing kid’s apps if you like them. After all coloring is a relaxing activity and can be really therapeutic.

Since people love coloring so much we have decided to develop Toonia Colorbook for all of you with Windows devices. That means that app is now available on your Windows phone, tablet and even on your computer (we support devices that have Windows 8.1 and above). Isn’t that awesome?

Give it a try – it is FREE – and let us know what you think.

If you own a Windows phone, you can get it HERE. If you own a tablet or computer, please use THIS LINK.


And for some additional karma points, you can leave as a nice review (★★★★★). Happy coloring, Windows people! <3

June 12, 2015